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22 November 2006 @ 06:56 pm
we had some work thingy where we were supposed to stretch.  Now i'm usually flexible.  My shoulders don't seem to get that tight at work... hahaha
things were snapping and cracking madly as i stretched at the "workshop".  now my neck is painful.    How come I don't get this much stiffness when i go to the gym?..........
oh maybe cause i gym on the weekend.  And I don't stretch at work. .. and when i'm not at work i'm not stressed so much?  hmf.

I went and saw the new Bond Movie.
Holy Gods and green fishes.  A good Bond Movie?  A Great Movie?  Yes!   No bimbos? yes!   GREAT Dialogue?  yes!
and still it was a Bond movie?  Truth!   The women were smart.   Bond was an icy-hearted mysoginistic prick... and didn't get away with it.  Probably for the first time in the history of the series you had to Pay Attention to what was happening.  

Casino Royal gets a Nine out of Ten.  A bit long in spots.  but .. wow.  I'll see it again.   
17 November 2006 @ 10:28 pm
...since I talked about my t-shirts.  i've been looking for local printers, and also thinking about printing them myself.  I also realized I want a few myself.  One of these days. :D

the exploding head is still one of my favs but one of the guys wants this one:

one thing about the guys at work.  they really go through the cash.   I've never seen so many people spend so much so quickly ... amazed they aren't all cuddling the PS3's this morning.   But evidently they are more interested in the games... and they said there aren't enough to be worth lining up for in the rain.

meanwhile, i'm getting out of a writing slump.

why does it seem i can :
1. write
2. design
3. do photography...

but I just can't seem to do all at once.  at least now, with the winter about to arrive any day now...  i can mostly put away the camera.
when winter comes... it is usually the time to write.
15 November 2006 @ 04:53 pm
While wandeirng around Toronto I ended up in the Distillery District.  Its a neat area.  Anyway, they had this old rusty car there.   I love stuff like this.  anyway here's a pic:

There's something beautiful about old rusty cars imho,
though i'm sure enough people think they are odd.   At least a few people asked why I was spending so much time taking photos of an old wreck.

One day I'll scan some of the B&W's I took years ago down in Arizona.  Now that is the land of rust and age.

and that's it for today.  
though... i'm faking a 1 day Deadly Illness and calling in sick.  why?
is it the stress?
nope.  the sun is out.  and its a balmy 10 C!  whoo...
i feel myself recovering already.
14 November 2006 @ 07:16 pm
There's a guy sitting in the next row over from me.  I can see the back of his head.   I am throwing mental daggers at it now.

He's playing a "nature soundtrack".   aka:  the never-ending loop of cricket noises.  it goes on and on.   I'm wondering just how long I'll tolerate it before I beat him with a cricket bat.   Some people here think its relaxing. then there is the section of us who can't tune it out.   Guess which one i am.

Still... it would make great hold music.  "Let me put you on hold....      ::queue crickets::"

I've had limited net access from home - and it's been crazy at work. no time to LJ really.    Last week I took a day off to go to the zoo.  That was fun, but damn its getting cold. 
09 November 2006 @ 07:21 pm

I love A Softer World... not all their stuff is ROTFL..  in fact a lot is strange and disturbing.  
 but this cracked me up.
06 November 2006 @ 06:16 pm
Toronto has this incredible old theatre called the Elgin. Waay back in the day it was a vaudeville theatre, and then the upper theatre got sealed off in 1928. Its been reopened for years now - all renovated, but I'd heard they did tours. Saturday morning at 11am was tour time.. and so worth it.

anyway, a little photo of one of the images on the ceiling. Spooky!

I played around with it in Photoshop a bit. It was on the roof of the ceiling there and really pushed my camera's ablility to take shots. There was a concert scheduled... so we were limited in photos of this area. I also hadn't realized we'd be allowed to shoot whatever we wanted photo-wise,
so i had not brought a tripod. Hand-holding a camera for a long shot...
almost impossible under these lighting conditions.

still I'm pleased with a few of them

might post some later. 

I keep thinking this mask should have a laugh with it...


anyway, best $7 I've spent in ages.  2 hours of a tour, full of interesting stuff.
02 November 2006 @ 05:49 pm

I'm in a mood.   Not a great one much either.  
Work.  The bane.   Network issues.  The thorn in my side.

Menatally I've got music in my head.   Its CRUNCHY and OLD.  much as I feel.   Skinny Puppy, whose Worlock video was voted most scariest video.  not for the faint of heart, esp. if you aren't into crunch and blood and meat.  One of those YouTube vids that is "Restricted".  hmf.  I'll have to upload a version somewhere.

it suits my mood though.   
Right now I'm listening to TIN OMEN.
The thing with Skinny Puppy Lyrics... like Tin Omen, is that they really need to be ... displayed - some kind of format - not just junked out on a screen.
oh and sometimes I DETEST the lj-cut... 
My bad writing this using Rich Text. 
and then flipping back and forth.

So i'm not going to make the fracking entry i wanted and fill up everyones friends page.  GRRRRR
next time I'll just do it and never use fracking rich text.  this is the 9th attempt to fix it and i can't be bothered.

31 October 2006 @ 01:46 pm
Happy Halloween!

so cause I'm sick and not doing much (my friend cancelled her party last week) and no one is doing anything at work (SUCK!!) I'm not dressing up this year.  so... memories of Halloween past:


thats me.  sorta

I borrowed a sword

I don't know why I was wrinkling up my nose... prob to show off the gold teeth.
27 October 2006 @ 11:27 am
well, I got an offer I couldn't refuse..   an LJ friend sent me a Halloween Card!

My first Ever!
I didn't mention it, but I've never *ever* gotten a card for Halloween.  Whooo!  :D

I guess I don't come from a card sending family.   I also suspect it just isnt' the same thing here in Canada... ::not sure::
I know I've gotten cards for xmas from friends in the USA... much more than I've gotten from Canadian friends.  I think I hang out with non-card buyers.  :)

Still, its made my day.  The card now sits in a proud spot on my work desk.
23 October 2006 @ 10:57 am
Grrr ... Arrrrg!

Spent 90% of my weekend trying to resurect the Dead....
the dead n dying laptop that is.   Its an older beast - almost 6 yrs old....... and it worked fine until I tried to remove a program and some files.  It appeared okay and then promptly started to fail.   It turns out to be disk-errors on the harddrive, but because I had to get all geeky I had to eliminate all other issues first.  Scandisk worked like a black hole - collapsing all in reach into the void.  A reinstall of the operating system went boom too.
That was my weekend.  the majority of it.  frustrations.

thank gods I'm one of the few people I know that keep multiple backups - I'm really paranoid.  I own a few computers - 1 now near dead laptop.  1 laptop (crosses fingers/knocks wood).  2 functioning desktops.  1 spare desktop and one sorta-fuctional desktop.  I've got a drawer of parts too.  Sigh.   

did you know that until 1999 I couldn't even check mail?  I was so ungeeky.   Beginning work for an ISP (billing support) was the downfall into geekdom.  Actually, I consider it an Elevation into Geekdom.   heh.

And because I could... i think i put together a kick-arse page on the basics of Halloween Makeup... tips, types, demo's and links as well as product descriptions.    It took a while... but it was fun too.  Its a good way for me to pull together stuff i'm interested in.. including halloween and makeup.  I never went Pro for makeup, but I wanted to.. and I've won a few prizes for Halloween - the most was a sweet $500... mostly, I am sure for the mask.  I was a raven, and it kicked.  Alas, I don't have time for maskmaking these days.

and now.. back to The Grind.